Comcast Phone Numbers

Comcast Phone Numbers and Customer Service Contact Information.

If you continue to experience problems with the Comcast or Xfinity service, or if you have any questions or queries that have not been answered, it may be necessary to get in touch with the company’s customer service department.

The main Comcast customer service phone number is: 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489).

To speak to a human, you will need to go through the automated phone menu. Pressing “0” at each stage should guide you through this process, at which point your call will be forwarded to a customer service agent.

Alternatively, if you would prefer not to speak over the telephone, you can try the company’s live chat feature. This is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be found by clicking here.

Alternative Comcast customer service phone number: 1-800-266-2278. Expect up to 35 minutes wait. Call-back available.

Comcast Bill Pay and Tech Support Phone Numbers.

For Bill Pay, call 1-844-729-5221, press 4, then press 1.

For Tech Support call 1-844-729-5221, press 2 and enter your ZIP code.

Comcast/Xfinity Headquarters Mail Address.

Comcast’s corporate office address is:

  • Comcast Headquarters.
  • Comcast Center 1701 JFK Blvd.
  • Philadelphia, PA 19103
  • USA

Please share your experiences with Comcast/Xfinity in the comment section.

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Comments 9

  • Need help with billing. They have hung up on me a few time now

  • We have been waiting 4 weeks for someone to come out to move an outside line so we can start work on our four seasons room. NO ONE HAS EVER SHOWN UP DESPITE MAKING 4 APPOINTMENTS!!!!! Now, our construction foreman said if the line is not relocated by next week, they will have to wait until spring to start the room and we will be paying on a loan for nothing. Your service is the absolute WORST!!!!! You have no customer service. When this is over, we are canceling our service. You disgust me.

  • June 24, 2021
    To Whom It May Concern,
    I am writing this letter to clear my husband’s name of any bad judgement. Paul Wood passed away December 2020 from COVID19. Since the time of his passing, I did not have access to our Xfinity bill, as he always viewed it on-line. After his death, I realized that I had not been paying the cable bill, so I immediately called and made a payment over the phone (which of course the bill was late by then)
    Toward the end of Feb. 2021, I called to cancel the account. I was told to submit forms on-line which I was not successful doing. I requested an address to send paperwork but that did not seem to be an option. The closest Comcast /Xfinity store is over 20 miles from me. Time went by while I was thinking my account had been closed at the end of February. I soon received a collection call and that is when someone told me that I could take the equipment to a UPS store and that would automatically close the account. So, I did.
    When I received my final bill, there were adjustments, but I was still charged for the month of March and recently I got a bill for $6.55 (Reactivation – TV) We were loyal customers for about 20 years and only one other time were we late due to a mix up when the billing changed from Comcast to Xfinity.
    I do hope you will clear Paul Wood’s name of any bad debt lists.
    Thank You,
    Bonnie Wood
    30 Oak St.
    Babson Park FL 33827
    Acct #8535 10 085 00xxxx (now closed)

  • I am sick of hearing the less-than-helpful outgoing message at Comcast. When I try to chat, it has not been informative, either.

    This morning I called (800)934-6489 with a technical question but was unable to get past the robot. She told me there was an outage in our area and that no one could help me until it was fixed at 11:14 this morning, but (1) that was not the subject of my call and (2) my cable service was working fine!

    Prior to this Comcast mysteriously stopped billing us by mail (we didn’t sign up for paperless billing). Then we had to reinstate our lines when you didn’t get a payment. No bill, no payment!

    Your support and service has become less customer-friendly, less efficient and less effective, and Comcast’s price just keeps going up.

  • Why the H are you unwilling to answer your phones? Terrible customer service. Somebody canceled my service in error and I can’t even get it resolved,

  • JVandxxxx I wood like the cable cut off too this address as soon as possible the street address is 12xxx 8th ave w apt A305 98xxx my phone number is 425 308 xxxx call if you have questions thank you mr vandal

  • Comcast/Xfinity combo is a nightmare of a company multiplied by one hundred. Trying to
    cancel this crappy service since my husband passed way and not only the stores seem to
    be closed all the time, I cannot get any help on the phone at any time during the day. What
    do I have to do? The bill keep coming and I can no longer afford it. Should I report this
    company (if you can call it) to the FCC? Need to resolve this issue. M.Hurdle

  • Hola..Necesito el servicio de internet para las clases de escuela de mis hijos pero no me atienden…he estado llamando es possible que me pudieran instalar el servicio Gracias. Cliente Nuevo

  • I waited 10 minutes and couldn’t get through to the customer service!

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