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  • Received from Verizon today, 6/22/22 and on previous days: Is this legitimate?

    Dear AOL User,
    This message is from the AOL MAIL System Management. Due to the congestion in the system database and removal of all unused accounts, we would be shutting down all unused accounts. You will have to verify and confirm your email, or your account will be suspended/terminated within 24 hours in efforts of reducing congestion.
    Verify and Reduce Junk e-mails
    Thank you,
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  • How can I delete a very large quantity of Verizon/AOL mail?

  • Is there no way of getting my emails from years past? I needed to find some information that was in a message years ago.

  • I did not migrate to AOL because we were told that the Verizon Yahoo would not be affected. This is frustrating. This email is used for many things, including personal accounts. Can someone please provide a solution. Thanks.

    • From AOL customer support: “Customers can no longer keep their email address or extract their data to another service provider. All email, calendar and address book content that was not migrated to AOL or a third party email provider before December 5, 2017 has been deleted from our systems.”
      It looks bad, i’m afraid.

  • I can no longer log into my Verizon Yahoo Account. I put in the user name and password and it keeps directing me solely to Yahoo email and not Verizon Yahoo Email.

  • can you help me to get in to my email [email protected]?

  • I am trying to sign in to my Verizon mail thru aol. my user name is marian1010 please help marian spatz

  • Please walk me through getting into my e-mails quickly and easily.

  • I can not get a log in screen for my aol log in page. All aol sites come up but no log in user name & password to fill out. Site comes up No help…

  • Great, got confused about the whole moving to AOL mail thing. Thanks for the clarification.

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