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Streameast is a sports streaming website that, due to it’s simplicity, has quickly has become one of the most popular sports streaming services on the planet. The Streameast website now offers free sports streaming of a wide range of sports and eSports events, such as MLB, UFC, NFL, as well as European soccer games.

The Streameast website provides excellent quality streams, great dependability, desktop and mobile options, and the ability to upgrade to a ‘premium’ version of the service, Streameast Pro, making it a service that is ideal for all sports fans, regardless of whether you are an occasional viewer, or somebody who never misses a second of the action.

At you can see a list of upcoming games. Click on the game you want to watch, then click on the Start Arrow on the next page. The links are usually up and working, up to an hour before the game begins.Sports covered on the platform include the NFL, European football (soccer), Formula 1, UFC, the NBA, MLB and much more. So is Stream East the ideal free streaming service for your live sports needs? and Functioning Links.

Due to the nature of the service provided, the Stream East platform is sometimes shut down or made inaccessible in certain locations. The usual procedure when this occurs is for the Stream East platform to move to a different address. You can bookmark this page to access updated information on working links as and when this happens.

One of the most established URLs was the older address. However, that address now redirects users to instead. It is recommended to update your bookmark to the main current URL.

The most reliable current URL in use is:

The URL is another active link.

Meanwhile, now redirects to

The,, and URLs are now non-functional.

Avoid these Streameast Websites:

There are also some misleading URLs to be aware of, such as,,, which are fake URLs, leading to spam websites with zero live sports coverage. Similarly, links to YouTube, and the URL leads to a website which provides links to other streaming sites.

Stream East Features and Website Design.

Stream East stands out from many of the other live sports streaming services on the internet by providing an intuitive web design, which makes the site easy to navigate and pleasant to use. By contrast, many other free live sports stream pages provide a messy layout, which can make it difficult to find what you are actually looking for.

In fact, Stream East provides the kind of high-quality user experience and design features that you might expect to find from a premium streaming service, like DAZN, ESPN+, UFC Fight Pass, NFL Game Pass, or MLB TV.

Upon landing on the website, users are immediately presented with a clean design, which is easy to understand and get to grips with. It is also simple to find different sports and then specific games or sporting events you wish to stream. Most live streams will include pre-match coverage, and coverage can start up to an hour before the official start time.

The minimalist design of the website itself provides a professional feel, and delivers a swift user experience that does not unnecessarily delay you reaching the live sports stream you are looking for. You will have the ability to filter streams by sport, or access a complete list of the currently streaming sports and events.

Once you have found your desired stream, simply click on it and you will be redirected to the relevant live stream page. Once the Stream East logo disappears, click on the ‘Play’ button to jump to the live stream. The site even includes a ‘Dark Mode’ functionality, which can help to further enhance the viewing experience.

Live Sport Streaming on Streameast.

When it comes to the range of live sports streams available, Stream East also compares favourably with its main rivals. All of the most popular sports are available, including NFL American football, European football (soccer), tennis, hockey, boxing, mixed martial arts, Formula 1, cricket, athletics and baseball.

However, on top of these, it is also possible to find live streams of slightly more obscure sports, with examples including handball and even eSports events. This means that regardless of your sporting tastes and interests, you are going to be able to find what you are looking for. It is also worth noting that the platform provides some additional services too, such as live chat functionality, which allows you to enjoy live sport with other people with the same interests.

There is no need to register for an account, meaning you can begin streaming your chosen sport right away.

Stream East Desktop and Mobile Experiences.

The Stream East service is ideal for desktop or laptop computers and it is extremely easy to navigate the website using these devices. However, today’s sports fans will often want to stream live events using other devices, such as a smartphone or tablet too, and the good news is the full Stream East service is available on these devices.

While there is no Stream East mobile app available, the website itself has been mobile optimised, meaning it will display properly on mobile devices and all links can be easily clicked on a touch screen. The streaming of live sport will also function very well on these devices, meaning you will have a free choice of how to watch.

If you have previously used a free live sports streaming website, there is a very good chance you will have encountered obtrusive elements that detract from the enjoyment. A great example of this is pop up advertisements, or banner advertisements that cover the video content, or obscure too much of the page itself.

Although the Stream East service does use advertising, the number is reasonable and the implementation is relatively unobtrusive. On top of this, ad blocking software or the use of a web browser with an ad blocking plug-in will be able to eliminate the vast majority of these advertisements, so you can enjoy the viewing experience without interruption. Membership Options.

One of the reasons Stream East is able to offer such a professional user experience is because it is not solely funded through advertising. Instead, the service is actually a ‘freemium’ offering, meaning that it can be accessed for free, but additional features are available to those who pay for a premium or ‘Pro’ membership.

Both the free and ‘Pro’ versions of the service utilise the same streaming servers and the same streams. This means that there are no sports locked away behind this pay wall, free users are still able to use the service effectively, and upgrading will not offer direct benefits in terms of the actual content that can be accessed.

Free users are not required to create an account before accessing live sports streams either, resulting in a streamlined user experience, where you can visit the website, find your chosen stream, and watch it. Stream East Pro members do, however, gain a number of additional benefits, which do enhance the experience further.

Stream East Pro Features and Pricing.

For users who do want more of a premium experience, the Stream East ‘Pro’ membership provides access to some great extra features. Perhaps the biggest advantage of becoming a paid subscriber is the ability to stream multiple live sports simultaneously. This can be especially great if you have an interest in sports that are on at the same time.

Multi-stream allows you to view multiple streams without needing to flick back and forth between tabs on your web browser. This is also beneficial, because having multiple tabs with live streams open is likely to result in significant slowdown for your computer, and it can become difficult to relax and enjoy your viewing this way.

One thing to note is the fact that Stream East Pro members are still restricted to a maximum of four simultaneous streams. The use of the full-fledged multi-stream functionality is also currently limited to the desktop website only. With that being said, Stream East Pro members can stream one game on multiple devices. So, for example, you could choose to watch one game on your desktop computer, and another game on your smartphone or tablet.

As you might expect, the Stream East Pro membership also removes advertising from the platform. This is a significant advantage, because it prevents the possibility of encountering pop-up ads, or ads that may obstruct your view of a live stream. While the free version of the service is not especially ad-heavy, it is still worth considering a Stream East Pro membership if you dislike advertisements, or if you are planning to use the service frequently.

Pricing is reasonable, with the Pro membership costing $5 per month. This is significantly cheaper than many other sports streaming services. You will have the option of paying monthly via your PayPal account, or using the cryptocurrency of your choice. A special customer support system is also available to Stream East Pro subscribers. Alternative.

If the Stream East service is down at any stage, or if it is not offering the live stream you are looking for, it is worth exploring some of the alternatives available.

For example, you can visit for a similar service.

Alternatively, if you are specifically interested in European football (soccer), try or

Stream East Registration – How to Create a New Account.

If you would like to sign up for the Stream East Pro service and benefit from the various perks on offer, visit the following URL:

By following the instructions provided, you can enter your chosen login credentials and payment method, and then access your account. Please note that registration is not required and streams can be accessed for free. However, signing up will provide benefits, such as multi-stream functionality and an advertisement-free experience.

Stream East Login – How to Sign in to a Stream East Account.

If you have opted to register for a Stream East Pro account, you will be able to sign in by visiting the following URL on your web browser:

Once the page loads, you should be presented with a basic login form. Simply enter the email address and password you chose during the registration process and press ‘Enter’ to log in to your account.

Is it Safe to Use Stream East?

The Stream East platform provides access to live sports streams and the broadcast rights for these events is often owned by a media company. For this reason, it is important to know your own country’s laws with regards to broadcasting and copyright. Users who are concerned about privacy online may be advised to use a secure VPN while browsing the Stream East platform and actually watching live streams. This can have a slight impact on internet speeds.

The service does not contain malware, which means it is a safer choice than many of the alternatives. With that being said, pop up and display advertisements may not necessarily be safe to click on, so it is recommended to avoid doing so. Registering for a Pro account will remove advertisements and circumvent this concern.

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