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  • BB&T went south as sion as its culture became TRUEest

    Time to leave.

  • There was never a problem using BB&T banking on line. I have been trying to login into my account since BB&T has become Trutist. It’s been a problem. I now have to go to the bank for everything that I have been accomplishing on line. I have been using BB&T for over 15 years and now I will be taking my banking to a new facility.

  • Hi,folks.I am living in China and have been denied access to on line banking either by phone or computer. Please help me out. Thank you.

  • Hi, I am now living in China but I can not access to to manage my account.

  • Hi did u try using email? Or did u change ur phone number?

  • “ Hi,friends.I am chinese.Because some unknown reason.I can’t use my phone number to receive the confirmation code.But i really want to use twitter .Please help me to unlock my account .Thank you very much.”

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