How to Contact Yahoo Mail Customer Service? (Yahoo Phone Numbers)

Yahoo Mail Customer Service Contacts. yahoo customer support phone number

How do I Contact Yahoo Mail Customer Service/Support?
What is the Yahoo Customer Service phone number?
How do I contact Yahoo Customer Care by Email?

Get the answers here.

Please be aware, that a lot of “fake” help websites for Yahoo Mail and Ymail exist. The contacts below are all the official Yahoo contact methods.

How do I Contact the Yahoo Help Customer Service by Email?

If you have questions about your Yahoo Mail account, you can do this by going to Yahoo Help Central, found by clicking ‘Help’ on the Yahoo Mail main page. You will need to know your Yahoo Mail email address or Yahoo ID, but not necessarily your password.

  1. Find the sidebar down the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Click on ‘Contact Us’, then enter your Yahoo email address in the specified field.
  3. Tick the “Im Not a Robot” box.
  4. Click ‘Get Started’ to make direct email contact with the Yahoo Mail customer service team.
  5. Click on “Contact a Yahoo Specialist”.
  6. Choose between these subjects:
  • Abuse and Spam.
  • Create or Delete an Account.
  • Hacked Accounts
  • Online Safety.
  • Password and Sign In.
  • Yahoo Policy.

Click on “Hacked Account”, and you are presented with these options:

  • Don’t have access to alternate email.
  • Getting an Invalid Password Message.
  • Received alert that I didn’t request.
  • Spam is being sent from my account.
  • “Unable to verify my secret question.

Click on “Password and Sign Ii”, and you will see these options:

  • Can sign-in on one device but not another.
  • Forgot my Yahoo ID.
  • Forgot my password.
  • Problem with mobile code or notification.
  • Problems using direct link.
  • Unable to sign in
  • Unable to sign in, sign in box reappears.

Choose your problem, then click on “Email a Yahoo Specialist”.

The direct link for the Yahoo Customer Support Help is here.

There are also a few public Yahoo Customer Support email addresses, that you can try emailing:

Yahoo Customer Service Phone Number
Find and click on the Contact Us button on the Yahoo Help page.


Yahoo Phone Numbers – How do I Contact the Yahoo Mail Customer Service by Phone?

How do I talk to a Yahoo representative?

You can contact the customer service of Yahoo by calling these Yahoo phone numbers. However, if your issue is of technical nature, you are expected to sign up for a Yahoo PRO account, first.

  • Yahoo Toll-Free Phone Number: 1-866-781-9246
  • Alternative Yahoo Customer Support Phone Numbers: 1-408-349-5070, or 1-866-562-7219 (Toll-Free).
  • Yahoo Sales And Service Inquiries Phone Number: 1-866-781-9246.
  • Yahoo Sales Inquiries: 1-800-305-7664.
  • Yahoo Mail Customer Service Phone Number (Technical Support): 1- 800-305-7664 with a PRO account.

Yahoo Mail PRO Account.

For technical support, you can sign up for Yahoo Mail PRO here. It costs 4.99$ a month.

WIth the Yahoo Pro Account, you can:

  • Speak with a real person 24/7 for help with your account or email.
  • Get help with Email or account issues, incl premium password reset.
  • Get Basic support for Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance and services.
  • Get LastPass Premium, the password manager.

How do I contact Yahoo with Yahoo Chat Online?

For Yahoo Online Chat Help, visit:

Then, click on the Chat icon in the bottom right corner, and the Chat Bot will open.

How do I Contact the Yahoo Corporate Office Headquarters by Mail?

The Yahoo Corporate Office Headquarters address is:

Yahoo! Inc.
701 First Avenue
United States

Yahoo Corporate Office Fax Number: (408) 349-7821

Contact Yahoo Mail on Social Media.

How do I contact a Yahoo Mail representative on Facebook or Twitter?

Yahoo Customer Service Support on Facebook:

Yahoo Customer Service Support on Twitter:

How to Contact Yahoo Customer Support about Privacy and Policy Issues.

Visit the official Contact a Specialist Help Form at

If you are having a minor problem or you have question about Yahoo Mail or Ymail, then share your issue below in the comment section.

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