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  • I inadvertently gave a typo in issuing you with my phone no how can I ensure. you have my correct details

  • My Paypal phone number needs updating

  • I paid through PayPal for Peek-A-Boo bear for grandson.order confirmed 8th October 2018 10.38am order no 4231 amount paid $28.94 USD which hasn’t arrived

  • My PayPal account has been scammed!! I have not used Paypal for any purchase and I received a telephone message that my account was charged 220.00 This charge was for SPCA. I have not used paypal for any reason, and will not in the future.

  • Read notice from Paypal about malwarebytes charging my acct. $41.79 for a premium. I did not order this and is something they assumed to just renew. I do not want you to pay this as I do not want it.

  • Paypal wants me to add a phone number but when I put it in it tells me wrong format I tried (000)000-0000 and 000-000-0000 with the right numbers what is the correct format

    • First of all, the Paypal system will autofill the phone number country code.You do not need to add the country code when adding your phone number to Paypal. So, if you are trying to opn a USA Paypal account, choose USA, then enter hust the phone number, no “1” country code and no hyphens. Enter just the area code and number like this: XXXXXXXXXX
      However, first try to delete your browser’s history, cookies and cache, close the browser and reopen it before trying again. Or, more easily, try using another browser, like Chrome, Mozilla or Internet Explorer.

  • Type in email to send password reset and i get ,
    Sorry, something went wrong on our end. Please try again.

  • I Just Added Money to my Account but not even my card is showing up on my account .

  • Please, I need a help telephone number to change PayPal account number. Please direct me to a live person.

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