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  • No rangers tonight. 300 a month for cable and I can’t watch my New York Rangers. This sucks

  • I just want to check my email not go through all of this!

  • I am not sure what you are thinking! I just want to look at my emails as I DO ALMOST EVERY MORNING! I don’t want a bunch of BS like I am getting now! Where is my email?

  • Can not change volume.

  • This is a message to comcast as to setting up an account starting with TO; or starting with FROM: I wrote the message. Now I want to send it. Why do I have to use IMAP, SMTP, None;. Why can’t I just get to the compose screen which is easy to use?

  • can’t get into my emails how can I eliminate all these problems?

  • I can’t even get to the log on for my email….when you get to your emails eliminating unwanted advertisements adds is cumbersome. New Email design is a total flop !!!!

  • This is crazy. Ive spent days now just trying to change password.. whats the problem with this? Hotmail/comcast? what have they done? You people have ruined everything now. Cant get my own emails, even now still cant make sense to what is going on here? Im getting outta here as fast as I can run. If anyone out there can help me change email accounts, I would appreciate it lots. I have SOMETHING WORTH YOUR TIME AND EFFORT IF YOU LIVE HERE IN south CENTRAL Alaska, IN THE ANCHORAGE OR MAT-SU AREAS ONLY PLEASE. I* WILL OFFER 2 OR 3 NITES AT MY B+B. Adjaceant to Denali National Park. FREE!!! Im 64 and do not have the time or the patience for this total wasted time and still can’t email. I AM ALSO DIS-ABLED and have to have access thru emails to my Dr’s. and appointments immediately 24/7. That’s what I got. ANY TAKERS? LET ME KNOW BY EMAIL I GUESS, AS SOON AS IM ABLE TO FIGURE OUT HOW EXACTLY AND WHERE TO FIND IT. tHANKS WHOEVER YOU ARE FOR MAKING IT VERY UNSAFE AND DIFFICULT FOR ME NOW. hOW MANY OTHERS ARE BOTHERED??

  • Recently, It takes one t two hours just to access my emails. When I type in “check my emails.’ I am taken through a lot of bull that are really promotional items that I have no interest in.My time is important and really worth money. I have had comcast for less than two months and am considering cancelling the contract and going by to the old company. A friend who has comcast told me that she will not recommend it to anyone. STUPID ME. I DID NOT LISTEN!!!



  • I have two Comcast email account number 1 is [email protected] and number 2 gary [email protected] it seems I can’t get but one and don’t know which one is which..

  • I can NEVER get into my e-mail no matter how many times I’ve tried this morning and I HATE THIS CHANGE!!!!

    How do I sign up so I can get my e-mails every day without having to go through all this bunch of bull?>

    • I’m having the same problem, it takes 2-3 hours just to get connected only to be told that your email address is not correct or your password is wrong I KNOW WHAT MY PASSWORD IS!
      I am almost to the point of buying stamps and envelopes again, except the post office is just as bad.

    • Everytime I want to get on the web,Iam always locked out,I have to change password every time, what is going on with comcast

  • Where are my emails from 12/20/2017 to current, now? I cannot find them. Does anyone have the same problem?

  • Comcast can you help I’m have problem with my email I can’t sigh in same with Facebook I have the same email address hepl

    • Looks like you need to learn how to spell as well as construct a legible sentence first before wasting your time on fakebook.

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