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PayslipviewLog in to Tesco Payslipview to see payslips, and change staff contact information.


Tesco PayslipView Registration.

How do I create a Payslipview.com account?

  1. Go to the www.Payslipview.com homepage and enter your Tesco Employee Number in the field that is displayed on the screen
  2. Create a password.

Tesco Payslipview Login.

How do I log in to my Tesco Payslip View account?

  1. Go to the homepage at www.Payslipview.com.
  2. Enter your 8 digit Tesco Employee number.
  3. Enter your password and activation code.
tesco payslipview
Make sure you are on the correct Payslipview.com login page. Enter you Tesco Employee number and click on “Continue”. You will then need to enter your password and the Tesco Payslipview activation code.

OurTesco.com Registration.

How do I create an OurTesco.com account?

  1. Go to the homepage and click on the ‘Register’ button.
  2. Enter your Employee Number.
  3. Choose a Password.

Our Tesco Login.

How do I log In to my OurTesco account?

  1. Go to the OurTesco.com homepage and then click the ‘Sign In’ button.
  2. Enter your Employee Number.
  3. Enter your password.

Your Tesco Payslip Explained.

Tesco Payslip Detail Detail Definition
BASIC HOURS Your weekly contracted hours at Tesco.
DEPARTMENT Department that the employee works in within their place of work.
EMPLOYEE NAME Employee name
EMPLOYEE NUMBER 8 digit unique reference number.  To be quoted in all information given to HR or Payroll.
HOURLY RATE Your contracted hourly rate.
HOURS Your weekly contracted hours.
JOB CODE The code assigned to your job role.
NATIONAL INSURANCE CAT This letter determines the rate of National Insurance you contribute.
NATIONAL INSURANCE NO. Unique 9 digit code/identifier made up of 3 letters and 6 numbers.  Its purpose is only to record National Insurance contributions and credits you have paid or are entitled to.
OCCUPATION CODE The code assigned to your job role.  Distribution.
TAX PERIOD The current tax week.
TAX CODE Employees personal tax code – determines how much tax the employee will pay.
TAX REFERENCE Unique company reference number.
PAYMENT METHOD Your current pay method e.g. bacs,cheque.
DATE The date at the end of the current tax week.
tesco payslip
The Tesco payslip explained.
Tesco Payslip View
Tesco payslip explained – Continued.

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  • hi !
    I have been working at Tesco Warndon from End November 2019 to beginning January 20. I did not get my payslip – I wrote to Tesco Warndon as well as Welwyn (letters) no reply – nothing – I am totally ignored. and I sent more than 1 letter each time. so I do no understand why I do not get a reply, even on the phone, all my details are on my letters.first, second I need a new “activation code” as the one I had does not function (I told it too !!) – so I can print my payslip for my accountant. We are in April and I have been trying to get a solution to my problem since February. I am not going to work again for a company who ignores her employees even if they are only for a season or busy times ! Not experienced that in all my career ! will i get an answer now ? best regards C Marty

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