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  • Have has this account for about 15-20 years , but can gain access to the aol sight:
    Please help.

    Nancy Jameso

  • Can’t get into my IPad aol email account

  • I’m absolutely discussed with AOL. I’m trying to get as far away from them as possible. I spent 2 hours and 38 minutes with a gentleman who I could barely understand trying to fix my iPad and my phone so I could get mail. He gave me 2 16 letter codes which did not work. We went through a hundred things trying to fix my problem. I pay AOL $30.00/monthly. What a waste. I’ve changed my password no less than 10 times.TOTAL FRUSTRATION!! I can’t wait to get away from AOL.

  • I can not get in my email account

  • Place a call on the toll-free number and have a talk with the expert or high professional technician for asking your queries related to how to reset AOL password on iPhone? They will help you instantly in every possible way with the 100% satisfactory answer to How to change my AOL password on my iPhone. We are here to reach you anytime, connect with call, mail or chat.

  • Go to the web browser, and in the URL address bar type AOL mail login site, once you will put this, the page will ask you to enter all your basic information such as mail id and passwords. Facing difficulty in sign in? Place a call immediately. The call will be redirected to highly professional experts.

  • AOL App for Windows 10 or any of the Windows versions can be easily downloaded. Numerous people are using this service to convey their information from person to person or in a group or the organization. If facing any kind of difficulty connect with us immediately. And ask about the AOL mail app for android.

  • I can not login to my email account HELP.

  • I am having trouble getting back to my website. What happened ????

  • Please cancel my email ASAP fraud alert. This has been reported.

  • I am trying to delete my aol account. I have fraudulent behavior and need to close this account and will not open a new account. The hacker has all my information this has been reported to the police.

  • Thanks for sharing with us.
    If you forgot your AOL email password facing issues due to AOL email login can contact to the technical expert engineer can handle your all query.

  • hi i am locked out of aol mail help me

  • A thief created an email account called [email protected]. my email is [email protected]. he is part of a group that scammed me out of $500. he also tried to buy electronics at a walmart and calendars at another store online.. he has since deleted this email address, but isnt his computer traceable! Don’t computers have an internal number? so far Walmart has been no help because I received a notice of the order and I canceled the card he used, but they havent been any help in tracing him.

  • Peggy Jones [email protected] I can not get my email. How do I log in?

  • I would like to get into my account in a simple manner. Please help me.

  • I have not been able to access my thru the It keeps telling me the “” page is unavailable. What has changed, I was able to access this up until about a month ago?

    • is UP and working. The page redirects to: For future reference, you can always check if a website is up at or similar services.

  • I am confused. I can’t log into my AOL account or email on my desk top computer but can get my email on my I-Pad. This is the first time I have had this problem in all the years I have been on AOL and can’t even find a way to contact them other than this comment. If you can hear me AOL please come to my rescue and let me know what to do or what the problem is.

  • why cant i get in to my email on my computer, i can get it on my phone all the time.

  • help what can I do???

  • i’m tired of having to enter my password on aol everytime

  • AOL isn’t even being run in the United States at least the time indicator shows 7 time zones out of sync.

  • It looks like the free web mail is now closed down. We noticed a email message that this was going to happen but what I read the instant messenger was being shut down so dismissed it. My wife liked to use it since we had the paid email since 1999 and reverted to the free one 10 or so years ago. My wife is choked but I haven’t used it for over 10 years. All the saved email I guess is lost. Does anyone know if we can access it now?

    • It is AIM, the AOL instant messenger that is closing down, not AOL Mail.
      “Verizon-owned AOL announced on Friday that it will shut down its AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) service, which has been in operation for 20 years, in December.
      “As a result we’ve made the decision that we will be discontinuing AIM effective December 15, 2017.”
      Separately, AOL informed current and past AIM users via email that they will be able to use the service until the shut-down date. After that, all of their data, including their buddy lists, will be deleted. email addresses won’t be affected, as they’re effectively just aliases for AOL mail”.

  • i love this website!

  • Hi I am a victim of identity theft, and was notified of a recent email account under my name. I have reported this crime to the police, the federal identify theft crime and credit reporting agencies. As of today, they have open over 20 accounts on my name, and I need your support to stop this delinquency against me.

    my name: Radhames Rercedes

    theft info as reported by some financial institutions:

    Edit: We have blocked out any personal information.
    tel. xxx-xxx-0267
    address : 15 xxx
    Spring Lake, NC 28390

    I appreciate your support in this important matter to me.

    Radhames Mercedes

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