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  • I can’t access my bellsouth email account

  • Why can’t I get the movie “Let Them All Talk” on my HBO Max? It says it is streaming but I cannot it to play.

  • Direct TV is so bad.

  • I forgot that I had to change my password for my email account.

    For many years it was Chaum6238, but for whatever reason I had to change it and I chose 10RedZebras

    I had forgotten this due to the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. If at all possible, due to my problems today, I’d like to just return to the Chaum6238. If nit, then the 10RedZebras will do and I’ll save it on my iPhone.

  • On a frequent basis, I receive the message that Uverse is not available. Normally my son has been able to assist because the technical staff have no skills. But on April 29, 2019 nothing has worked. The supervisor at customer support has said that they can not schedule a technician to come until Thursday. Go figure – no phone, no able, no internet and that is supposed to be just fine. Also, a technician was at my house on March 23, 2019 for the same problem and nothing was repaired.

  • I will be leaving uverse in the very near future with no nfl channel do not offer me any deals and I’ll quit watching the greedy nfl as well

  • The above information that your provided to login AT&T Email Account is working fine as each & every information mentioned in your Blog is so informative. I found your Blog so easy & simple to understand.


  • Thanks for the heads up! I wondered what had happened to the old Uverse page.

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