Is Yahoo Mail Down Today?

Is Yahoo Mail Down Today?

Any problems with Yahoo Mail today?
Is there Yahoo Mail server outage right now?
Why can’t I log in to my Yahoo Mail account?

Check if the Yahoo Mail and Ymail servers are down right now, or just for you.

Occassionally Yahoo Mail simply is not working, but unfortunately Yahoo Mail does not show you a real-time system status information for their free email services, which means that users cannot quickly identify the status of Yahoo Mail’s or Yahoo’s services.

Is Yahoo Mail Down? – How to Check If Yahoo is Down Right Now.

If you can connect to Yahoo Mail, but it does not appear as usual, you mau be seeing “Basic Yahoo Mail”. Yahoo Mail sometimes you automatically to Basic Yahoo Mail if you have a slow connection, or have disabled JavaScript.

You can also check Twitter for Yahoo News Tweets from @YahooMail, @YahooCare, or @Yahoo account. Very rarely, Yahoo Mail will tweet that their service is experiencing problems. A fast search of Twitter can also help you figure out, if others are having problems with Yahoo Mail right now, as well. Search Twitter for YahooMail, or #yahoomail.

Check a server status service, such as or to see if these status sites can’t access Yahoo Mail either. For example visit for a Yahoo Mail server outage map, or alternatively visit to get a live “UP” or “DOWN” status server message for the server.

Lastly, visit and type in in the search box, to see if the Yahoo Mail login page is loading from six different locations in the world, including Brazil, Usa, Singapore, Ireland and Australia.

is yahoo mail down
Check or to check if Yahoo Mail is down right now.

The Yahoo Mail Server is UP, but I cannot Log in to Yahoo Mail.

If you still cannot detect a server problem, then do the following:

Check that you are on the correct Yahoo Mail (or Ymail) login page, by visiting either:
or (Mobile Phone Optimized).

If you cannot connect, or you cannot log in, then:

  1. Turn your laptop or mobile phone off, wait a minute, and turn it back on again. A restart will let your device re-establish all network connections.
  2. Open your web browser, and connect to another website. If you are unable to connect to other websites on the internet, then you have a WIFI or Mobile network connection problem.
  3. Turn off your Wi-Fi so that your laptop or mobile phone device connects again, then try Yahoo Mail again.
  4. Try logging in to Yahoo Mail from different web browser, such as Chrome, Mozilla or Safari.
  5. Try logging in “Incognito Mode” from your browser. Sometimes cookies and cached pages will re-direct you to a wrong Yahoo Mail or Mail login page.
  6. If you use a mobile phone, such as Android, iPhone, or iPad, then install the Yahoo Mail app and try to connect to Yahoo Mail directly through the app, rather than through an internet browser.
  7. If the Yahoo Mail system does not accept your username and/or password, then begin the password recovery process by clicking on “Forgotten Username” or “Forgotten Password” links on the Yhaoo Mail login page.

To recover a lost Yhaoo Mail account, you will need to know either your:

  • Yahoo email address or Username.
  • Associated mobile phone number.
  • Your recovery email address.
  • Your recovery phone number.

Still having problems with Yahoo Mail? Share your experience in the comment section below.

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