Cox Customer Service Phone Number

Cox Communications Customer Service Phone Numbers and Support. Residential Customer Service Phone Numbers:

Should you require assistance or technical support as a Cox Communications customer, you can call the main Cox Customer Service phone number on: 1-800-234-3993. This number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Cox Communications Residential Sales phone number is: 1-800-818-0679.

The sales support number is used for ordering new services, questions about a pending order or when trying to upgrade your service. The sales line is open from Monday – Friday, 8 am – 8 pm, and Saturday, 9 am – 6 pm.

The Cox Move My Service phone number is: 1-877-620-2098.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Cox Homelife customer support phone number is: 1-877-404-2568.

The Cox PAID Advanced Technical support phone number is: 1-877-COX-ASST (269-2778).

This number is for troubleshooting and solutions to PC, laptop and application issues.

Cox Communications Business Customer Support Phone Numbers.

Business account can contact Cox on these phone numbers:

Cox Bisiness Sales phone Number: 1-866-419-6050.

Cox Business Customer Service and Billing Phone Number: 1-866-961-0499.

Cox Communications Social Media Contacts.

Alternatively, you can reach out to the Cox support team for help on Twitter, by clicking here. Or by searching for the Twitter handles @coxhelp.

Support is also available from the online forums, which can be found here.

Cox Communications Headquarters Phone Number and Address.

Finally, the Cox corporate address is:

Cox Communications Inc, 6205-B Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE.
Atlanta, GA 30328.

Cox Communications corporate office phone number is:  1-404-843-5000.

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  • The 24/7 Residential Customer Service Center is closed and they want me to call or go online. What do you think I need technical assistance with my dishwasher!

  • i had the worse service from support sevice of my life tonight if cox cares please call me at 316208xxxx but i dont think i hear from you. second to the last guy has the worse person i have ever delt with the last guy try but i has so upset i did give him a chance i fix problem myself no help from your sevice i was wondering if be a ass is acceptable please let me know i can accept that

  • We have been loosing internet for a month almost every day . 2548 Washington ave Tucson Arizona now why haven’t you replaced the old equipment? My wife works on the internet and has had to tell her company over and over again our internet is down. I want a months credit and the equipment updated it’s NOT in our house it’s outside had a tech here last Sunday and if your not going to update the equipment tell us . We’re going to put a article in the DM base paper asking others if their service is as bad as ours and find out how many others are missing work . Very disappointed in Cox management

  • No answers and tries to charge $5 for help with their service.

  • Thanks a lot. Nice to have all the contact options.

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