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Instant Help: Mynordstrom and 100+ other Websites.

This is how you access the Employee Portal, the Liteblue Employee Portal and many other. This page will focus on the MyNordstrom employee website, but feel free to browse the site. We have added 100+ login tutorials for all major platforms.

Sign in to the MyNordstrom Employee Website to view your Nordstrom employee work schedules online, your benefits, Mypay Payroll, or to change your employee contact details.

for the official Mynordstrom login page.

What Can I Use Mynordstrom For?

Nordstrom associates can use the Mynordstrom Website to:

  • View weekly and/or monthly schedules online.
  • Change their employee contact information.
  • Access benefit plans.
  • Stay informed on company news.
  • Use MyPay Payroll to see past and current payslips.
  • Apply for career opportunities within the Nordstrom Company family.

Mynordstrom Login.

How do I log in to

As you may have noticed, the old Mynordstrom web-portal that was located at is no longer “live” or in operation. Trying to access this website will  simply mean to be transfered to a new official login page at

To sign in to your Nordstrom employee account, you must have your Nordstrom employee number and your Mynordstrom password ready.

Enter your login credentials in the corresponding fields on the login page, and click on the “Login” button.

You will then be signed in to Mynordstrom.

Login Support for other Portals: Hotmail, Gmail, ATT, TWC, Facebook and More.

login support

We have added a plethora of other login guides that are all free for you to browse. Learn about account setup, account deletion and account login.

Not sure that you have found the correct login page? Or do you wish to delete your account, but don’t know how to? (as most corporations usually make it difficult to delete your account). Then we are here to help!

We provide help and FAQ’s for: Hotmail Email Login, Gmail Login, AOL Mail, Yahoo Mail , Frontier Mail and Godaddy Email Login, TWC Email and Email Login, Liteblue, Mynordstrom, Walmartone & Facebook Sign In and account deletion, plus up-to-date phone numbers and contact details for customer departments.

The help pages are free to use, and you can ask questions in the comment section

Thank You For Visiting.

SigninSupport – Your Guide
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